The 5 year wait! PB Pike!

I was introduced to Pike fishing from a friend in work, researched the hell out of it before venturing off onto my own. It became somewhat of an addiction, the thrill of seeing Pike chasing lures was like a drug to me. It didn't matter what size fish it was, if they were chasing my lure...I was pumped to the gills with adrenaline. Soon it became a chase for a big fish. After trying for about 4 years I could not for the life of me get a Pike over 20lb, yet I've introduced and taught people Pike fishing who seem to bag one straight away, beginners luck I guess.

January 2017 was when this changed. I was just about to turn 28 and thought id treat myself to a new lure. I'm Savage Gear crazy by the way, you cannot beat these lures for quality and realism, so I usually only buy these. I bought the 30cm Hybrid Pike, a lure that's the length of my forearm! Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of fish replica weapons, I headed to my favourite pike fishing spot and fished this lure for the whole day.

24 Pike later, about 16 of them double figures, and about to head home...I did that thing that all fisherman do... "Come on, one last cast"... I threw it straight into a tree above me, GUTTED!

I've got 80lb braid on my Okuma Speed 3 Trio reels, so the hook on the lure would bend before my line snapped, so I'm confident its coming out! I yanked, the lure fell 2 feet in front of me in the water, I reeled the line in, the lure jerked about 6 inches after all the slack was back onto my reel...and...SMASHHHHHHH!!!!!!

A 21lb lure hit the Pike like a steam train from hell!  in 2 feet of water on a very bad cast, I had gotten my PB! I got her on the bank, weighed her, and she was a tad smaller than 21lb on the button, my first 20! I couldn't believe I had finally managed one after 5 years Pike fishing, 2 trips to Sweden and relentless cash on good lures! I had finally done it. A day I will remember for a long time. So what now...well...there are such thing as 30lb Pike too! :D


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