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The 5 year wait! PB Pike!

I was introduced to Pike fishing from a friend in work, researched the hell out of it before venturing off onto my own. It became somewhat of an addiction, the thrill of seeing Pike chasing lures was like a drug to me. It didn't matter what size fish it was, if they were chasing my lure...I was pumped to the gills with adrenaline. Soon it became a chase for a big fish. After trying for about 4 years I could not for the life of me get a Pike over 20lb, yet I've introduced and taught people Pike fishing who seem to bag one straight away, beginners luck I guess.

January 2017 was when this changed. I was just about to turn 28 and thought id treat myself to a new lure. I'm Savage Gear crazy by the way, you cannot beat these lures for quality and realism, so I usually only buy these. I bought the 30cm Hybrid Pike, a lure that's the length of my forearm! Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of fish replica weapons, I headed to my favourite pike fishing spot and fished this lure…

Lakeside Fishing Resort, Carp PB's

Another lovely evening at Lakeside fishing Resort in Cublington. Took me 2 minutes to catch the biggest Carp I've ever caught, and another 2 minutes to catch the other. Resulting in x2 PB's for Common and Mirror carp,  Common: 16lb Mirror: 18.5lb Very happy chappy today! Both fish came off the top of the water surface fishing with dog biscuits.